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How to Protect Your Wool Clothing from Moths

November 09, 2021 4 min read

How to Protect Your Wool Clothing from Moths

Throughout Spring, as the soil warms up and the creatures of the Earth start to emerge from the Winter, so too are those pesky clothes moth larvae stocking up on their favourite food (wool) in order to continuing their lifecycle throughout the warmer months laying eggs and hatching on your favourite wool clothing and so on and so forth. 

With the heat of Summer approaching and with our Winter wardrobe getting less frequent use, it's the time of year to show our woollens some love and gratitude. After all, our beautiful natural wool clothing has nurtured us and kept us warm and healthy over the Winter and beyond so we think it deserves a bit of a treat.

At Woollykins, we know and love real wool and have experienced just how long knitwear and wool clothing can really last if shown a little love each year. Think of it like taking your woollens (and your hands) to a day spa with all the most natural wool care products selected for you. Hopefully you'll find, like us, a real joy in hand washing and fussing over your wool clothing. It's a good feeling to restore something to its former glory and to know you have the skills to make your wardrobe feel new again without the need to buy new. 

Read on below for our Step by Step guide to looking after your wool clothing over the Summer months to prevent it becoming a moth's lunch. Loved clothes really do last. And remember, those Summer merinos you're using and wearing won't be susceptible to moths because moths usually only go for things left disused and stored away in a dark, undisturbed place. We wear wool all year round so this strategy only needs to be followed for items that you will not be revisiting until the Autumn returns. 

How To Protect Your Winter Woollens Over Summer

When the weather starts to warm up and your Winter wardrobe isn't in frequent use it's time to implement your Winter Wool Clothing Moth Protection Strategy!
 Clothes Moth Glue Trap from Woollykins

Step 1: Know Your Enemy.

Detecting if you have a moths and knowing when they are starting to become active again will tell you when to start putting away less used items. We put moth traps around the wardrobes in Spring and when we see the moths are active then we’ll ensure that any wool clothing not being used frequently gets dealt with to prevent damage. ⁠

Natural Eco Wool Care Products from Woollykins

Step 2: Clean.

Before packing woollens away, they must be clean. Wash all woollens well (here's how), treating any stains (moths particularly love spilt food and body oils), if you're a real wool fanatic then give them a wool conditioning treatment to restore any lost lanolin.

Fabric Shaver from Woollykins, de pill your wool knitwear and make it new again

Step 3: Buzz Off.

We also love this handy gadget that let's you safely buzz off any pills and makes knitwear look brand new again. Perfect for the family wardrobe and for restoring pre-loved and vintage knits. It's the only powered one we've found that lasts and the blades can be replaced after years of use. Also try the amazing Super Eezy Fabric Comb for a person powered alternative.

Sajou French Darning Mending Embroidery Yarn from Woollykins

Step 4: Darn it! 

We also like to mend any holes prior to storing so that come Autumn, everything is ready to wear. We have a great range of Mending Supplies including Wool Mending Yarns, Darning mushrooms and even a Complete Darning Kit 


Freezer full of wool - Freeze your wool to keep the moths at bay

Step 5: Freeze.

Put your clean/dry knits in a freezer bag and freeze for 1-2 weeks. The freezing kills any moth eggs/larvae that may have already been deposited on the garments – if your woollens have moth eggs on them and you put them in a dark, undisturbed place, they will hatch and have a party.⁠

Store your woollens in Cotton canvas zip cases from Woollykins

Step 6: Store.

Remove from the freezer bag and place inside a closed storage case like our Northern Olive Organic Cotton canvas cubes or a pillowcase (tight/close weave), neatly folded. Don't forget to add a few scented deterrents as mentioned below.

Cedar Wool Blocks for Deterring Moths from Woollykins

Step 7: Scent and Deter.

Pack away with a cedar block or cedar sachet to deter moths and critters and ensure your garments smell fresh come Autumn. Zip up or wrap the pillowcase around the garment or tightly roll up the end up to make sure nothing can get inside.


Other general precautions include taking hanging items outside and shaking them out periodically as moths don't like being disturbed. Vacuum regularly around the bottom and edges of wardrobes and any shelves. Be aware that if you add anything to the storage cases that hasn't been treated in this manner you might contaminate the other pieces. 

Please don't be overwhelmed by the above, just do what you can. If you know you have a moth problem following this best practice will help you manage it and even reduce the issue year on year.  

With love from Woollykins
Do let us know in the comments below if you have any favourite tips for loving wool. 


You may have received one these cards below in a recent order to help remind you of the simple steps you can take to help your wool clothing lasting a lifetime. Pin it up in your wardrobe so you remember year after year. 

Moth Damage Prevention. Looking after your Wool Clothing with Woollykins

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