Kleine Schobbejak

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Woollykins is so happy to bring you the magical jackets by Kleine Schobbejak. Each piece by Kleine Schobbejak is a little bit of magic for your child to wear on their adventures outdoors so they can feel truly at home in nature, just like any Woodland Sprite.

Kleine Schobbejak is the creation of Dutch makers Sylvana and Loes. They have been making their 'schobbejakjes' ever since they noticed that they missed cute children's clothes that were reminiscent of the story books they loved to read their children.

Syl and Loes take inspiration from the Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf educational aesthetic which is grounded in nature and play and magical illustrated stories like those by Sibylle Von Olfers such as The Story of the Root Children. 

Over the years Syl and Loes have built up a considerable treasure of recycle finds that compliment the new cloth in natural wool that form the basis of their 'Schobbejakjes'. We use natural materials such as wool and cotton. 
The buttons of the coats are natural and they even make the buttons of their Spring and Autumn coats themselves from the wood of fruit trees or golden laburnum. After cutting and sanding the buttons they are treated with beeswax.

Kleine means little and Schobbejak is Dutch for rascal, but 'jakje' also means 'little coat'.

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