As We Grow - Iceland

*2018 Winner of the prestigious Junior Design Awards For Gold for Best Eco Brand: "One of our favorite kid's clothing labels - the natural fibres and quality finish really set them apart and the fact that they are crafted with such high ethical standards makes them a beacon for other brands to look to".  Also Winner of Junior Magazine's Best International Children's Fashion Brand 2018*

As We Grow is a slow fashion childrenswear brand based in Iceland. Its roots lie with the charming story of a woollen sweater knitted in Reykjavik, which has enjoyed life as a ‘travelling heirloom’. For over a decade this garment has been passed on from boy to girl; loved, worn, lost and found again, temporarily finding a home in Amsterdam and acquiring a shared history in the wardrobe and memories of many a child.

Every As We Grow piece is conceived with an enduring quality that will appeal over several generations. An emphasis on traditional design recalls a homespun feel from the days when clothing was often made, not bought.

Produced with traditional methods using biodegradable materials such as alpaca, wool and pima cotton and linen, As We Grow ensures that every step in process of bringing each of its items to life is a sustainable one.

Sustainable design and production 

All pieces are designed and developed in Iceland and all steps of the clothing production is sustainable. All As We Grow alpaca, wool and organic cotton production is certified Fair Trade and the organic cotton products carry the GOTS Certificates.  The wool they use is also pesticide and hormone free.  It is very important to As We Grow that all the part of their production is lean and environmental and that the factory's they work with in Peru where their yarn and production is made, is fair - with all necessary certifications to demonstrate that they treat their employees well. 

Designed to grow with the child. 

One of the most important things to make the As We Grow kidswear concept sustainable is that the clothes are designed to grow with the child. Uniquely each As We Grow size is equivalent to three standard children's sizes. This allows the child to grow and keep on using the products for a longer time, resulting in less waste and less spending for the parents. This means that each As We Grow size lasts for at least 1.5 times than the average children’s item of clothing.

Woollykins Brand Size Chart
Woollykins Size Chart