Haflinger - well-being for feet.

Established in 1898, Haflinger use natural materials to make healthy, comfortable, long-lasting slippers. Natural boiled wool is warm, light and breathable and naturally anti-bacterial, creating an optimum environment for the foot. All Haflinger's slippers are designed to allow for freedom of movement, for the foot to expand and contract as necessary, and to keep the foot healthy and supple.

We truly believe that these are the best slippers out there. With a natural latex sole to last longer, infused into the wool at the base, or a rubber sole for occasional outdoor use, Haflinger's designs ensure a gentle but secure fit whether these slippers are for your baby, child or for the well-being of your very own feet...

All Haflinger boiled wool slippers can be washed on a 30oc wool wash cycle in your machine with liquid wool detergent to protect the wool's natural oils. We recommend one of our liquid wool shampoos in our fabric care section here.

Haflinger uses natural boiled wool which is warm, light and breathable and creates an optimum environment for healthy, comfortable feet. This wool is sturdy but flexes where necessary, and is naturally dirt-resistant and anti-bacterial too.