De Colores

De Colores is a small family business based in Germany that design and make beautiful 100% baby alpaca knitwear with the motto "It only makes sense if everyone benefits!" 

Woollykins is proud to introduce this thoughtful company and their quality baby alpaca knitwear designed for comfort and often multi-use.

Their Peruvian baby alpaca fibre comes from animals that graze the Andes naturally as they have done for many generations and are managed by small holders at altitudes of 3000-5000m. At those heights food cannot be grown so alpaca farming provides an income to families. Since the area is not cultivated or chemically fertilised or the animal's diet supplemented with feed, they graze on organic mountains although Organic Certification is not possible in those conditions. The animals are sheared by hand once a year. 

When dyeing the fibres De Colores choose colours that correspond to the Ökotex Standard 100 without optical brighteners. The products are not chemically finished, only washed, steamed and packaged with minimal paper packaging. The company has very little accumulation of plastic waste and get by as far as possible without purchasing plastic packaging. All De Colores producers are PERU Fairtrade certified. Treating local partners and their employees with respect is a basic requirement for De Colores.

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