minimalisma is a timeless, quality children’s wear brand with a strong Nordic heritage. Founded and designed by Maja Akraberg, the mission is simply to create beautiful quality products with a timeless feel that makes each piece suitable for passing on to the younger sibling. Their philosophy is one of quality, simplicity and sustainability.

minimalisma are a family-run company working with a small group of people passionate about quality, design and family. They are committed to establishing a sustainable brand with high ethical standards.

About the origin of their wool and production: 

  • Merino wool is sourced from Australia and certified mulesing free.
  • The yarn is processed in China in a GOTS and RWS Certified facility and is not subjected to damaging chlorine Superwash treatments. The yarn is treated with positive ions and enzymes in a method similar to the Naturetexx treatment. 
  • Knitting and finishing is done in China by a supplier that Maja has worked with for more than 10 years. Production inspected twice a year and a visit paid to suppliers and their families. Maja can attest that both factories have good working environments and minimalisma plan their productions in advance to avoid faster turnarounds that cause overwork. 

Woollykins Brand Size Chart
Woollykins Size Chart