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  • Loved clothes last. We want to help you get the best from your Woollykins for years to come.

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  • We love Disana's cloth nappy system. 100% organic and plastic-free for natural, toxic-free nappying. We used the Disana system for all three of our babies.

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  • reNEWool FAQs

    Our reNEWool program is our circular clothing initiative. Here are the some answers to your queries about the Woollykins reNEWool initiative. Please email renewool@woollykins.com.au if you have any further queries that are not answered here or in the Terms & Conditions.

    Our reNEWool mission: to keep Woollykins in use and circulation, raise awareness about the value of caring for and mending textiles, make quality Woollykins clothing affordable to lower income families and raise money for local environmental and social justice initiatives.


    Questions about reNEWool? read on...

    The reNEWool program is a Woollykins circular clothing initiative with the following mission: to keep Woollykins in circulation, raise awareness about the value of caring for and mending textiles, make quality Woollykins clothing accessible to more families and raise money for local environmental and social justice initiatives.

    Anna Brismar developed the idea of circular fashion based on the circular economy. In 2017 Brismar defined circular fashion as clothes, shoes or accessories that are designed, sourced, produced and provided with the intention to be used and circulate responsibly and effectively in society for as long as possible in their most valuable form, and hereafter return safely to the biosphere when no longer of human use. Basically circular fashion is reusing the resources the fashion industry already has. The purpose of circular fashion is to minimise waste in production but to also promote the idea of buying less.

    Good question! Chat to your local charity shop about what happens to wool clothing that isn't "as new" condition. We have found over the years that most wool clothing received in a less that perfect condition - and lets face it, wool clothing is loved by insects because it's natural and full of goodness unlike synthetic or heavily processed textiles - so it's not uncommon for wool clothing to be in need of mending.

    However this means that most wool clothing gets binned by charity shops already fit to bursting with an excessive textile load. We have been collecting less than perfect wool garments from charity shops for years that we process for recycling in our mending kits as patches. We would like to ensure that a high quality Woollykins garment doesn't meet such a fate.

    Our quality, minimally processed and organic wool clothing should be mended and re-loved, and when no longer useful - cut up for patches and the scraps composted. Excess wool from the mills used to be used by local farmers as it is full of nitrogen! Sadly now, most textile heaps are full of microplastics and toxic dyes.

    If you have pre-loved Woollykins you no longer need please join the program. To join, first create a store account by clicking on RENEWOOL tab at the bottom of your screen. When you have joined you can then follow the steps to initiate your first pre-loved return. When we receive the goods and assess their condition, we will top up your account with points. 1 point = $1 dollar (AUD). Depending on the condition, you will receive a percentage of what you paid for the garment back to spend on future Woollykins.

    Your pre-loved/unwanted Woollykins will earn points as a percentage of what you paid for the item according to their condition:

    ***Critera: ***

    Unworn - New/unworn with/without tags. For these items you will receive 30% of the original purchase price.

    Pre-Loved - As New - Great Condition - no real major signs of wear. After a little reconditioning (de pilling/etc), we will list the item for re-sale on our website. For these items you will receive 25% of the original purchase price.

    Pre-Loved - Very Good - slight signs of wear, may have been lovingly repaired by us. We will direct these items to our in-house mender to be lovingly mended as needed. For these items you will receive 20% of the original purchase price and they will be listed online as MENDED

    Pre-Loved - Good - pre-loved in good condition with signs of wear such as pilling and other signs of use. In need of further repair by you with materials provided. Will be sold as a YOU MEND IT kit - assembled by us for you to mend yourself - for these items you will receive 15% of the original purchase price.

    Wool Salvage - highly worn clothing that is beyond repair but too good for the worms. We will launder and cut up for use in our mending kits and ensure the scraps are composted. You will receive 5% of the original purchase price.

    Only items purchased from Woollykins such as:

    1. Knitwear - Jumpers, cardigans and heavier knit pants (ie. Disana leggings)
    2. Boiled wool garments
    3. Linen and Hemp garments
    4. Rain gear
    5. Sleeping bags and blankets
    6. Nappy covers if not shrunk and overly felted
    7. Engel wool/wool silk children's garments only if very good condition or for cutting up for mending patches

    1. Undies
    2. Socks
    3. Shoes and slippers
    4. Sunhats
    5. Nappies and nappy products (besides Disana nappy covers in good condition)
    6. Items made from lambskin
    7. Adults Thermals and Thermal Underwear (garments made from fine wool or wool blends - usually 200gsm or less)
    8. We can't accept items originally purchased elsewhere.

    Please contact renewool@woollykins.com.au if in doubt. We will not be able to return garments to you that don't meet the criteria.

    As you know, wool clothing shouldn't be over washed. If you garment looks and smells clean then no need, however please do gently clean any visibly dirty or smelly clothing before returning to us. That will help out enormously.

    Two weeks. When we receive your delivery we will freeze the parcel for one week before sorting and processing. We need to be vigilant against moths so this is essential for all outside clothing. Then when we open the parcel we will assess the condition, track down your original order and allocate a percentage as points to your account. See "How much will my pre-loved Woollykins earn?" to determine what your returns are likely to earn.

    If your garments have many places in need of repair it might not be cost effective for us to mend them in-house. Depending on the condition the garment might be made into a You Mend It kit where we will offer materials with the garment for someone to purchase as a mending project. That will earn you 15% points. However if it is too far gone we will salvage any pieces from the garment for mending patches and compost the remainder. That will earn you 5% points.

    **Read the reNEWool program terms & conditions >> Woollykins will assess the condition of the returned garments in as fairly as possible. Some subjectivity is involved in assessing the garment's worth but as experienced menders of knitwear we know the workload involved in taking on very large repairs. If in doubt, please email renewool@woollykins.com.au to discuss your concerns before returning any garments.