Engel Natur is a popular German brand of natural organic textiles for babies and children. For over 30 years Engel has produced clothes from natural fibres according to the highest ecological guidelines. Engel use the finest organic Merino virgin wool and natural mulberry silk. All the dyestuffs Engel use are free from heavy metals and have always been free from harmful AZO-dyes. Engel doesn't use any kind of chemical finishing with their textile processing. Their products include fine knit merino and silk underwear and sleepwear for babies. Their 100% fine rib merino fabric is 200gsm in weight and the wool/silk fabric is approx 190gsm.

Engel sources wool exclusively from Argentina from controlled organic farming which excludes the use of Mulesing and requires that shearing be stress-free. Engel disassociates from all cruel methods of livestock breeding. The wool used by Engel comes solely from farms taking part in the "Prolana" programme which follows ecological guidelines and requirements concerning animal welfare. Additionally the farms operate within the strict criteria of controlled organic animal husbandry. Therefore Engel products are certified with the Naturtextil IVN certified BEST or with GOTS. Engel also assumes social responsibility to ensure that all companies involved in the production process are obliged to meet standards of ILO fair trade practices. Engel is the best for your skin and our planet. Once you have worn their unique wool and silk fabric against your skin you will never want to wear anything else! Click here for Engel's own recommendations about caring for wool and wool/silk fibres.

For information about Engel's 100% recycled polybag packaging click here.

*Like Disana's clothing, Engel products are priced according to size*