Nature Baby

Nature Baby is a New Zealand family business that was founded in 1998 and began with a quest for sustainable, natural and innovative products for our own family. Nature Baby create everyday baby essentials that are designed to nurture your baby from birth with pure organic natural fibres in styles that are practical and useful. Their core values are also dear to our heart here at Woollykins and so we’re delighted to welcome Nature Baby merino clothing to our range.

Philosophy of Nature Baby clothing: Pure so that they are best for baby; high quality so that they are safe and long lasting, used for the lifetime of baby and passed to the next; useful so that you get the essentials you really need; and caring in everything they do. All products are ethically and sustainably made to ensure you are not only looking after your baby but also the planet and its people.

Nature Baby wool comes from ZQ and GOTS certified sources which ensure that the sheep are happy and healthy, roaming free range outdoors all year round, amongst the vast fields and mountains. The sheep are well looked after, and the ZQ accreditation program requires that they are provided with adequate food, water, comfort, shelter, and prevention or treatment of injury and disease. Their snowy fleece is spun into beautiful yarns, processed free of nasty chemicals.

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification guarantees the organic status of a product, from field to finished garment and that no hazardous chemicals are used in the making of your baby’s clothing, whilst outlining strict social and environmental criteria.

ZQ certifications allow Nature Baby to have natural, real connections throughout the supply chain, from growers to garment. We source our ZQ certified Australasian merino from accredited farmers who meet the highest farming standards, and are assessed regularly by trained and qualified third party auditors.

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