Lana Bambini Socks

Lana Bambini offers you the finest handmade socks, produced in a small family-run atelier in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. 

Natural and sustainable production supported by an understanding that your comfort is not at the expense of anyone else. Lana Bambini use only natural materials in their socks, which includes pure untreated wool, alpaca, organic cotton, biological hemp and natural linen. Their sourcing and production are completely ethical from start to finish. The best natural materials and artisanal handmade quality combine to create a collection of the warmest and cosiest socks around.

The wool Lana Bambini use for their socks is not treated with any chemicals which preserves the anti-bacterial properties of the wool and makes it odour resistant - both qualities that make real wool socks perform so well. Wool keeps its insulating and temperature regulating properties even while wet. 

Care: Wash only when required. Airing your all natural wool socks is sufficient to clean. Air for 3 days and wear again. We recommend hand washing to preserve the natural properties and performance of the wool and to avoid shrinking. 

Woollykins Brand Size Chart
Woollykins Size Chart