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  • Loved clothes last. We want to help you get the best from your Woollykins for years to come.

  • Nappies
  • We love Disana's cloth nappy system. 100% organic and plastic-free for natural, toxic-free nappying. We used the Disana system for all three of our babies.

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  • reNEWool program Terms & Conditions

    Our reNEWool mission: to keep Woollykins in use and circulation, raise awareness about the value of caring for and mending textiles, make quality Woollykins clothing affordable to lower income families and raise money for local environmental and social justice initiatives.

    Below are the terms and conditions the apply to this initiative to help us deliver this program and ensure it is sustainable and mutually beneficial to all. 

    On the journey to circularity many textile business are aware of the benefit of such a program but there are many logistical challenges involved for small businesses running such a program. We believe we can overcome these challenges and rely on like minded customers to participate in a way that keeps the program sustainable. 

    If you are participating in our *reNEWool* program, please read the below and let us know if you have any questions. These terms and conditions are subject to change as the project evolves. 

    Terms & Conditions of the *reNEWool* initiative by Woollykins

    1.     Item must have been purchased from Woollykins, with order number provided (we can look it up if you can't find it)

    2.     Please ensure item is clean and odour/fragrance free

    3.     Item must fall into one of the conditions listed below:

    ·      Unused/New with/without tags: 30% of original purchase price issued as store credit 

    ·      Preloved(worn, washed, in sellable condition without any damage to item): 25% of original purchase price issued as store credit 

    ·      Preloved Needs Attention(in house mending/washing/stain removal may be needed): 20% of original purchase price issued as store credit 

    ·     Preloved Needs More Attention - You Mend It (preloved, with repairable damage but more than what is feasible for us to mend in-house - will be sold as a mending kit): 15% of original purchase price issued as store credit 

    ·      Wool Salvage (not able to be reconditioned for re-sale  but parts are salvageable for repurposing or use in darning kits): 5% of original purchase price issued as store credit.

    Please do not send us items that do not fall within the Woollykins reNEWool criteria, as we will not be able to issue you points nor return your garment.


    We can accept :)

    ·      Knitwear - Jumpers, cardigans, and heavier knit pants (ie. Disana leggings)

    ·      Boiled wool garments

    ·      Linen and Hemp garments

    ·      Rain gear

    ·      Sleeping bags and blankets

    ·      Nappy covers if not shrunk and overly felted

    ·      Engel wool/wool silk children's garments only if very good condition or for cutting up for mending patches 


    We can’t accept :(

    ·     Clothing not originally purchased from Woollykins

    ·     Undies 

    ·      Socks 

    ·      Shoes and slippers

    ·      Sunhats 

    ·      Nappies and nappy products (besides Disana nappy covers in good condition)

    ·      Items made from lambskin

    ·      Adults Thermals and Thermal Underwear  (garments made from fine wool or wool blends - usually 200gsm or less) 

    Please contact renewool@woollykins.com.au if you have any queries at all. 


    Assessing the condition of your returned garments

    Woollykins will assess the condition of the returned garments in as fairly as possible. Some subjectivity is involved in assessing the garment's worth but as experienced menders of knitwear we know the workload involved in taking on very large repairs. If in doubt, please email renewool@woollykins.com.au to discuss your concerns before returning any garments.

    Woollykins Pre-Loved Programme