my alpaca Copenhagen

my alpaca Copenhagen is a small Danish company founded in 2010 who design and manufacture high quality knitwear with a clean, simple and Nordic design in natural Peruvian fibres.

They specialise in producing baby and children’s knitwear (up to 6 years) made exclusively in baby alpaca fibres. Their products are handmade and they take special care in promoting the use of alpaca fibres in their natural shades of whites, browns and greys, which means no use of dyes. They also work with dyed fibres but only under low impact processes, perfect for those concerned about toxins and for those with sensitive skin.

All garments are handmade by skilled and organised groups of Peruvian women, following strict quality standards. They train and work with groups of women, promoting better livelihoods for them and their families. They use only fair-trade practices. The my alpaca knitters appreciate the strong social focus and the fact that the company gives them the opportunity to earn an income, learn more, and still be able to take care of their home and family. When you, as a consumer, buy a hand-knitted garment from my alpaca Copenhagen, the tag will include a note with the name of the lady and the cooperative that knitted the item.

The combination of beautiful natural fibres, the design and their skilled knitting ladies makes the my alpaca range truly feel-good pieces.

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