The Classic 50 Fabric Shaver

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If you love your woollies then you will no doubt love this as much as we do! It's most satisfying caring for our precious woollens. This fabric shaver removes pills and fuzz and makes your garments look brand new again. Keep your woollies in great condition for handing down through the generations. With a little care our garments can feel newer longer so we don't feel the urge to spend or accumulate more. 

Once you've done one garment you be actively seeking out items to de-pill. Trust me. So much better than a Stress Ball, de-pilling everyone's garments in the house will become your new happy place ;)

We've tried a few different fabric shavers but this electric one is far superior than any of the battery operated ones we've tried, it has lasted longer and doesn't get clogged up like other ones do.

The low down:

Many garments attract lint, fuzz and pilling caused by friction from washing and wearing.  It can make your garments look old and often difficult to clean.
The Classic 50 Fabric Shaver has precision blades to ensure a gentle but close shave of unsightly pilling with ease.  You’re entire wardrobe will always look fresh and new.

• 50mm Cleaning Head
• Electric Power Supply
• Long Lasting Triple Action Blades
• Compact Blade Cleaning brush (Included)
• Auto Vacuum for Optimum Results
• Protective Safety Cap for Easy Storage
• Clear Removable Lint Catcher
• Super Smooth Cleaning Head for a flawless finish
• Power Indicator Light
• Safety Stop is activated when the lint Catcher or Shaving Head is removed
• 12 Months Warranty
• Measurements: 6.5cm x 8cm x 15.5cm
Suitable For: Knitwear, Windcheaters, Polar Fleece, T-Shirts, Jackets, Uniforms, Scarves, Socks, Delicate Fabrics

Disana's advice on Pilling and caring for your woollen garments: 

Wool threads, which are dried strongly tend significantly more to pilling. Dry wool loses elasticity. Therefore slightly moisten wool articles once-twice a week with a water mist, to keep the concentration of humidity of the wool high. Don’t store or dry wool products in direct sunlight or near a heater - they dry out very quickly. Longer storage of wool items in sealed plastic bags. Lanolin wraps the wool fibre as a protective cover and reduces the pilling tendency. While moistening the wool, give a squeeze of disana lanolin condition into the spray water.

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