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Red Cedar Wood Sachets (5 pack)

Size Guide

Redecker's pack of five American Red Cedar Sachets offer natural moth protection without the need for harsh chemicals.

Untreated red cedar repels moths whilst bringing a pleasant forest scent.

To use: place in cupboards or your wardrobe. Use a piece of paper to protect clothing from the oil in the cedar. We recommend placing two to five cedar sachets per wardrobe unit. 

Size: Each Sachet measures 11cm x 5cm x 3cm - there are 5 sachets per pack

Use these sachets as one part of your method of protecting your clothes from moths. A repellant alone won't always be enough. If you have a moth problem you will need to tackle it in a number of ways. Thoroughly clean out your wardrobes and drawers. Ensure that wool, cashmere, silk and alpaca garments are very clean before storing over the summer and place wrapped in a pillowcase. If its likely the clothes have already come in contact with moths, place the pillowcase in a plastic bag in the freezer for 1 week. Remove from the plastic bag and then place into storage with cedar wood to repel the moths. A clothes moth trap placed in your cupboards in Spring can alert you to a moth problem if you have one and help reduce breeding. Check out the Wool Care range for all products related to treating moths.