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Ox Gall Soap Wool Stain Remover Concentrate

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Liquid ox-gall soap composed of raw materials from organic farming.

This is the most brilliant wool stain remover. Even dry stains that have been there for years have magically disappeared with this incredible solution. This stuff is a must for knitters and wool lovers who care about the longevity of their woollen garments. (see also the Sonett brand Ox Gall Soap if unavailable)

Ox Gall Soap is an ancient household remedy for removing the most stubborn stains on wool and silk textiles. Gall soap is used whenever wool shampoos are not enough to remove a stain. 

Apply directly to the dry stain, massage gently into the stain, leave for a little while and rinse with clear water. Bile soap removes any organic soiling from wool and silk articles.

Available as a concentrate and only intended for targeted stain removal, a few drops will suffice to remove ugly stains from delicate materials.

Application: Treat tenacious dry stains with ox-gall soap by pressing and lifting, leave for 10 mins, then wash out as usual. Never rub wool fibres as friction, change of water temperature, too hot water and agitation can all cause felting.

Ingredients: Cocamidopropyl betaine, mipa laureth sulfate, lactic acid, ox-gall concentrate, canola potassium salt, aqua.

200 ml bottle

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