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  • Natural Sun Hats with UV Protection for Baby and Kids

    October 25, 2021 3 min read

    Natural Sun Hats with UV Protection for Baby and Kids

    Summer is just around the corner and it's time to dig out our Summer hats, check they still fit and that they still offer good shade of the face and neck.

    If you're in need of an upgrade, our favourite Summer hats are now in for the season - they usually start arriving at Woollykins from August each year and we can only get one delivery so don't miss out. Pickapooh and Pure Pure are small German organic hat makers and we love their excellent designs for children which are not only comfortable and cool but offer great protection from the sun without any synthetic UV finishings. This year we also offer a selection of Nature Baby sun hats in soft organic cotton that offer comfort and shade for your child's precious skin with layered fabrics.  

    Dermatologists recommend covering up as the second most important protective measure after staying out of the sun.
 Now it's difficult to keep out of the sun in Australia, so to be protective, clothing needs to cover as much skin as possible and should fit loosely. A long-sleeved top and a wide-brimmed hat offers protection and also keeps your child's skin cool in our harsh Summer sun. 

    Why it's especially important to protect young skin

    A child's skin only develops full protection mechanisms against harmful UV radiation from approximately 15 years of age. Children's skin is very thin and thus extremely sensitive. The skin and immune system of the child can suffer irreparable damage, even if only slightly sunburnt.

    Sunburns in childhood increase the risk of developing skin cancer many times over. Children also spend significantly more time outdoors playing games and sports than adults. For this reason, it is important to consistently protect your child from too much solar radiation. In particular, when playing in water, children and young people are more intensively exposed to increased UV radiation.

    Covering up with UV protective clothing with a minimum of UV20 is more effective than relying on Sunscreen.  Suitable UV protection is also essential for older persons as the skin is less able to successfully regenerate itself with age. Persons with illnesses must also be aware that their skin can have a more sensitive reaction to solar radiation.


    Pickapooh Fireman Hat with UV sun protection GOTS certified Organic

    Pickapooh Sun Hats UV rated to standard 801

    This year we have a colourful selection of the popular Firefighter hat by Pickapooh in GOTS certified organic cotton and a few other styles. The Firefighter hat features a stretchy organic cotton stripy knitted band which makes it super comfortable and helps it stay in position when your child is playing outdoors and in windy weather.

    Pickapooh hats are UV rated according to UV standard 801 which is the most stringent standard available and tests materials under real-life conditions: wet, stretched and after multiple care cycles. The lowest UPF measured is indicated on the listing and guarantees this protection level under any conditions. Pickapooh hats are made in Germany.

    Pure Pure Sun Smart Hats from Woollykins

    Pure Pure Linen Sun Hats

    Pure Pure is a third generation German brand making hats since 1947.  Since 2013 Pure Pure have been the first hat manufacturer with GOTS certification and pride themselves with meeting the strict Social and Environmental standards from the production of their raw materials to maintaining fair conditions throughout the supply chain.

    Pure Pure hats have been tested according to Australian-New Zealand sun production standards and all their hats have good to very good UV protection without any chemical post-treatment as per many other UV rated hats. The dense weaves and strong colours protect naturally.  Pure Pure hats are made in Europe.

    Nature Baby Hats from Woollykins

    Nature Baby Sun Hats

    Soft organic cotton hats by Nature Baby in four great styles.  Comfortable soft natural fibres with stay on ties and layered fabrics for increased UV protection.  Nature Baby hats are made in India.

     Fog Linen Work Summer Hats for Women from Woollykins Australia

    Women's Linen Hats by Fog Linen Japan

    A wonderful wide brim Summer gardening/beach hat perfect for our harsh Australian summer sun. European linen made in Lithuania for Fog Linen Work, Japan. Great coverage, lightweight and portable and fits M-L heads with a head circumference of 59cm.

    Merino Wool T-Shirts for Summer by Disana from Woollykins Australia

    DISANA's Organic Merino Spring Summer Range

    Merino wool with its breathable temperature regulating qualities is the perfect Spring Summer natural fibre. Merino has also been proven to absorb UV radiation and thus provides excellent lightweight sun protection. Plus the weather changes all too often in Spring/Summer in the Southern States so it pays to have all bases covered. We are loving the new lightweight knit t-shirts and their lighter boiled wool zip jacket and pull overs. 

    Merino wool and silk summer t-shirts GOTS certified Organic only from Woollykins

    ENGEL & Cosilana Merino Wool and Silk Tees

    Merino wool/silk is the perfect natural fibre blend for Summer. Our kids just love wearing the Engel and Cosilana Tees in Summer. Upsize as a loose fit is cooler. Wool/Silk needs far less washing than cotton so this helps reduce the laundry pile and saves water too.

    Enjoy a naturally Sun Safe Summer! 

    Shop our SPRING/SUMMER clothing collection curated by Woollykins

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