Using Wool Nappy Covers over Summer

November 27, 2019

Using Wool Nappy Covers over Summer

Can you use wool nappy covers over the hot Australian Summer? As soon as the hot weather hits, we get asked this a lot. My short answer is a resounding Yes!

We all like to keep cool and comfy in the heat and our little ones no less, and although for some it seems counter intuitive, wool really is brilliant in the summer too. As a nappy cover the amazing properties of merino wool really come into their own. Not only does its breathability mean that there is no humid micro climate down there but the amazing wicking properties of wool mean that your baby doesn't feel as wet and sticky as they would with a PUL plastic cover (which doesn't have any absorbing properties and needs to be quite tight around the legs and waist to ensure no leaks which I found always left red marks on the skin where it was digging into bubs). 

On those really hot days at home your little one can simply go nappy or cover free. But when you need a leak proof layer there are a few options to choose from.

We have always used the Disana Knitted Wool Nappy Covers all year round. On really hot days my boys just wore them as little shorts with a singlet and I was always surprised how cool their bums were when it was time for a change. They are definitely 1st preference for nighttimes being the most comfortable and leak proof for sleeping in.

If you still can't bear the thought of wool on your bubs when temps hit the high 30s, the Disana Boiled Wool Covers mostly just cover the nappy itself and don't have as much contact with the skin. 

For hot and humid climes, the Engel fine wool covers are very light - we have customers in NT and central Australia who especially love those. They work surprisingly well for such a light cover - they simply need extra lanolising and they are only for day use really - not overnight or long naps.

The Ruskovilla nappy shorts are also a good summer option as they are a bit finer that the Disana options and a trimmer option. They have quite a long rise but the waist can be folded down if too high at first.

So to recap:
🌻 Disana Boiled wool nappy cover - minimal contact with the skin - works day and night
🌻 Engel nappy cover for day use and home time
🌻 Disana Knitted nappy cover - overnight or day time as little shorts
🌻 Ruskovilla Short Nappy Pants - medium weight nappy cover (fold down waist band if too high at first)

Also for red bums and heat rash, the Raw Silk Liners are amazing. Raw Silk that which is untreated has plenty of natural silk bast which has an anti-inflammatory effect making them excellent for nappy rash. The silk also gently cools down the inflamed skin. Sometimes in hot weather I add a silk liner against the skin because of the cooling effect of this natural fibre.

Feel free to ask any questions below or leave a comment about how you have found wool covers throughout the summer and any tips and tricks you have for keeping baby cool. 

Don't forget the Lanolin (lanolin helps neutralise the acids in wee and makes the nappy covers extra leakproof - you only need to re-lanolise after washing the covers or when the lanolin runs out from use around 4-6 weeks.)

What other parents say: (comments and feedback via social media and emails)

"My babies sometimes wear PUL covers but I always have them in their wool covers in the summer so they can breathe down there! I have had to explain why they are are wearing their Disana knitted covers to a few people!"

"I love the Engel fine wool covers for summer"

"100% love our Disana covers. We use them full time year round. So much cooler than a sweaty plastic cover. We just use them as shorts, too, on hot days."

"I was quite concerned last year but really, no bum rash or any evidence of over heating so must be ok :) got the summer covers felted when he wore them as shorts with nothing above and shuffled his bum around in them, especially on carpeted floors, but they still work a charm"

This pic shows how the boiled wool covers look under clothing. Not that bulky at all, and anyway, who doesn't love a cloth nappy bum?

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