Child's Merino Wool & Silk Thermals/PJs - Top (1-12y)


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Child's longsleeve everyday thermal/pyjama top in 70% organic merino wool and 30% mulberry silk. This is a great top to have in the wardrobe, a versatile base layer, beautiful to wear against the skin and will help to regulate your child's body temperature during the day and night. Matching Longjohns discontinued by Engel :(

70% organic merino wool 30% mulberry silk
GOTS certified
Made in Germany by Engel

Sizing: 92 (18m-3 yrs), 104 (3-4yrs), 116 (5-6yrs), 128 (7-8yrs), 140 (9-10yrs), 152 (11-12y)

Size guide - average sizing. My boys wear size 128 (at 7 yrs) and 104 (at 2.75yrs). They are supposed to be worn fitted against the skin to get the most benefits from the natural fibre however the fabric is stretchy and will allow for growth and lots of movement. 

Colour: Natural

Care: machine washable in a gentle wool cycle, cool water and wool shampoo. Dry in shade. Dry stains can be removed effectively with the Ox-gall stain remover.

Note on using machine wash: Wool washing programmes of washing machines vary massively, therefore we can not grant warranty for any damages. With regards to using your wool washing machine cycle always use cold. If you choose to wash at 30 degrees the machine will still rinse with cold water and this shock to the fibres can cause the wool to shrink. 

Colour: Natural

*Please note, like most Engel products the value lies in the quality fabric so they are priced by size. In addition their merino/silk blend costs more than the 100% merino fabric & dyed may be more than un-dyed.*

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