Wool Stain Remover Gall Soap Bar


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SONETT-gall soap bar for stain removal for use on protein fibres wool and silk. Also suitable for use on other natural fibres cotton, linen, hemp.

An incredibly effective stain remover, suitable for removing grease, blood, berry, wine, ink or chlorophyll stains. Use for pre-treating shirt collars and sleeves before washing them. Will not harm fibres.

To use: wet soap bar and gentle massage into dry stains then leave for 10-15mins to take effect and continue with washing process.

Ingredients: soap boiled from *palm and coconut fat, bovine gall, chlorophyll.
*Palm and Coconut oil certified organically grown in an ecological and social project in Brazil.

Packing: 100 g bar of soap

Made in Germany by Sonett

Sonett only uses biodegradable ingredients from renewable raw materials that can be broken down in five to seven days. Ecological olive or rape oil and volatile oils are used as raw material for soap. Suitable for septic tanks and filtration systems.

Sonett products do not contain petrochemical products, enzymes that cause allergic reactions, chlorine compounds, phosphates, synthetic perfumes, or colorants.

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