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Fog Linen Work

Vintage Kantha Quilt Offcuts for Patching

Size Guide

This pack features assortedoffcuts of Vintage handmade Kantha Quilts. Layers and layers of traditional patterned Indian Lungi cotton fabric quilted by hand. Sizes and colours are assorted. Each piece more charming and lovely than the next. There are mends upon mends in these off cuts. Rare and beautiful and imbued with so much care for textiles and respect for the planet's resources. You'll be completely inspired to care for and mend your own clothing when you see and feel these. 

Patch a knee or elbow, stitch over holes or unsightly stains. Embellish existing garments that need a new lease on life. We're so happy to have found these via the amazing Japanese textile designer Yumiko of Fog Linen Work. Rare and not sure if we'll ever find such treasures again. 

90g of offcuts ranging from 20x15cm to 5x4cm. Colours and patterns all unique and assorted. 

Made from 100% cotton Lungi fabrics sandwiched and hand-stitched. 

Packaged in a home compostable cellulose bag. 

How to use: 

  1. Create a paper template of the patch required
  2. Cut two patches
  3. Pin to the garment 
  4. Blanket stitch or whip stitch around the patch to secure.