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The Original Fabric Comb

The Eezy Fabric Comb

Size Guide

Small manual fabric comb for fine weight wool garments, effective for removing lint, pilling and dust from fine textiles. Amazing customer reviews and made in Australia since 1972. A classic and essential pocket accessory to maintain a presentable pill free look. Highly recommended for Woollykins fine knits like the Engel wool/silk and wool thermals and fine weight socks. 


* Lightweight, moulded handled with the original machined brass teeth that gently collect pet hair, fuzz balls, dust, and lint from your knits or soft furniture.

* Won't break if accidentally dropped on hard flooring

* Designed and made in Australia since 1970, Still made on the original machinery today in Melbourne, Australia.

* Hand-assembled by a husband and wife team, with an amazing attention to detail and quality.

* Measures: 75mm Wide x 40mm High x 0.75mm Depth

To Use: Comb firmly in one direction on fine knits and down seams. Use the Super Eezy comb for chunky knits and home furnishings. 

    Advice on Pilling and caring for your woollen garments:

    Wool threads, which are dried out tend to pill more due to increased static. Dry wool loses elasticity. Therefore slightly moisten wool articles once or twice a week with a water mist to keep the concentration of humidity of the wool high. Don’t store or dry wool products in direct sunlight or near a heater - they dry out very quickly. Storage of wool items in sealed plastic bags or for longterm storage cotton pillowcases. Lanolin wraps the wool fibre as a protective cover and reduces the tendency for pilling. While moistening the wool, put a little of disana or sonett lanolin conditioner into the spray water.

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