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Liquid Gall Soap Wool Stain Remover

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Liquid Gall Soap is an ancient household remedy for removing the most stubborn stains on wool and silk textiles. Gall soap is highly effective on tough dry organic stains.

Liquid Gall Soap is great for removing stains and spots caused by fruit, blood, ink, ballpoint pen, grass, and grease, etc. Suitable for all white and colour-fast textiles made from natural fibres and fabric blends. Before washing coloured textiles, test their colour fastness on a concealed spot.

 For local treatment of stains: 
Apply undiluted liquid gall soap to the stain and allow taking effect for 10–15 minutes. Wash out thoroughly or place the garment straight into the washing machine - if using.

Can also be used as a wash intensifier: 
For washing at 30–60°C, add 20–30 ml to the main wash cycle of the 4.5 kg washing machine.

(see also the Disana brand concentrated Ox Gall Soap if unavailable)

More directions on tough dry stains:

Treat tenacious dry stains with ox-gall soap by dotting the bile soap on the area and massage in with a pressing and lifting action, leave for 10 mins, then wash out as usual. Never rub wool fibres as friction, change of water temperature, too hot water and agitation can all cause felting. Bile soap removes any organic soiling from wool and silk articles.

120 ml or 300 ml bottle

Ingredients: soap from olive and rapeseed oils*, sugar surfactant, ethanol (plant-derived alcohol), bovine gall, orange-peel oil, citrate, natural essential oil of petit grain*, balsamic additives*, rhythmatised water.  *Certified organically grown 

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