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  • Loved clothes last. We want to help you get the best from your Woollykins for years to come.

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  • We love Disana's cloth nappy system. 100% organic and plastic-free for natural, toxic-free nappying. We used the Disana system for all three of our babies.

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  • Titi Dummy Holder Baby Comforter - 100% Merino Wool

    Terracotta Pink
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    Hvid's Titi comforter is a supersoft cloth pacifier holder in extra-fine Merino wool, perfect for your newborn or toddler's little hands. The ultrasoft Merino wool takes the scent of your baby and creates peace and trust, helping them to feel comforted and safe. Merino wool is breathable and safe for babies. Soft antibacterial Merino wool is also a wonderful fibre for children with eczema or sensitive skin.

    Merino wool absorbs 30% of its own weight before feeling damp and still feels dry to touch. It doesn’t feel wet until it’s saturated with 60% of its own weight in moisture.  Cotton comforters stay wet and dry slower and your baby can get dry skin or a rash on the cheeks, whereas Merino wool repairs your skin and is soothing. Comforters made from synthetic fabrics often contain microplastics. As this object is a lot in contact with the mouth, these microplastics will eventually end up in the body of the baby. A natural fabric for a pacifier holder is therefore a great option to avoid this.

    Every comforter is finished by hand in Hvid's own atelier in Belgium.

    Colours: Ochre, Terracotta Pink, Mustard

    Size: 35 cm tall x 28 cm wide

    Brand: Hvid
    Designed inBelgium
    Country of manufacture: Belgium
    Origin of fibre: Italy
    Certifications: Oeko-Tex certified
    Fabric structure: 100% extra fine merino wool, mulesing-free
    100% Biodegradable: Yes
    Machine Washable: No (see our guide to washing wool)

    Care: Remove stains like milk with a wet cloth rather than washing the whole comforter.Self-cleaning Merino wool doesn’t take in smells, so no need to wash frequently.It's perfect to just air outside. When required, handwash in lukewarm water with any of our gentle wool shampoos - see Wool Care. Reshape when wet and dry flat.