Engel Organic Wool Nappy Pants


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Engel's organic merino nappy cover is a fine knit single layer cover ideal for daytime and home use and for those hot summer days. The fine nappy cover made of organic merino wool is absorbent and contains natural lanolin to provide moisture resistance. 

This cover is not designed for night time use or naps as it is not thick enough and works best when used over a sufficiently absorbent cloth nappy booster and when you're around to make more frequent nappy changes. Great for those parents who still want to use wool covers this summer but are not wanting the thicker wool covers. 

100% organic merino wool, IVN and GOTS certified
Made in Germany by Engel 

Sizes: 62/68 0-6m, 74/80 6-12m, 86/92 12-24m

Care: Handwash in cool wool shampoo, re-lanolise after washing. When new, wash and relanolise. If they leak, lanolise again or increase booster under. 

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