Breast Pads in 3 layers of Silk/Wool/Silk


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Breast pads made from 100% natural spun silk and organic wool are healing and soft on the skin. These are just wonderful and healing for sore nipples reducing the need for nipple creams which can interfere with baby's feeding.  These are made from three layers Silk/Wool/Silk and the natural properties of the wool and silk help keep the breast warm and guard against blocked ducts.

Wool absorbs excess breast milk into its inner fibres ensuring that the skin remains dry between feeds. Untreated raw silk cools and soothes the irritation from breast feeding. The high content of silk's anti-inflammatory properties offers natural healing of any redness.

Raw Silk / Organic Merino Wool / Raw Silk
Made in Germany by Disana
Size: 11cm diameter, 14cm diameter

1 pair

Care: hand wash with wool/delicates shampoo, press moisture out in a towel and reshape and dry flat out of direct sun

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