Baby Bonnet Organic Wool Fleece (0-9m)


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Super soft, spongy organic wool fleece makes this the softest baby bonnet around. A beautiful design with flatlock seams for a lovely smooth finish against baby's head. 

The importance of a bonnet: A newborn babies head is relatively large compared with the rest of its body which means that the heat loss through the head is significant. A bonnet helps to keep baby's temperature stable. It also protects the baby from the surrounding noise of the environment. A fitted bonnet also massages the baby's head in a soothing way similar to the effect of the womb during pregnancy. Ruskovilla Finland

Made in Germany by Engel
100% organic merino wool fleece

Sizes: 50/56 birth - 3m,  62/68 3-9months (head circ. 41-44cm)
Colours: Natural, Grey Melange, Teal Melange, Walnut, Rosewood Melange

Care: air to clean, spot clean or gentle handwash in wool shampoo

Note on using machine wash: Wool washing programmes of washing machines vary massively, therefore we can not grant warranty for any damages. With regards to using your wool washing machine cycle always use cold. If you choose to wash at 30 degrees the machine will still rinse with cold water and this shock to the fibres can cause the wool to shrink. 

Modelled by the adorable @little.winnie via Woollykins Instagram

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