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June 01, 2013 2 min read 1 Comment

We now stock a beautiful range of wool sock and tights for babies and Children up to 10 years. Hirsch Natur is an ethical company based in Germany and their products are just gorgeous, photos can't really do them justice, they have to be touched to really get a feel for how soft and beautifully made they are. 

Hirsch Natur 100% Organic Wool Socks

Wool is great for the feet, it breaths, regulates temperature, wicks away moisture so even wet feet feel dry and warm. In the Winter months, feet can easily get wet with all that puddle jumping. Even inside wellies feet feel cold and damp in cotton socks, but wool with its amazing properties does wonders to keep your child feeling dry and happy

Non-slip house socks in 100% Organic WoolThey are also so hardwearing. My son has had a pair of the Award Winning chunky non-slip grippy socks for about 3 years. Yes they are too small now, even though he still sometimes wears them - they are just great inside wellies and around the house. My little one will inherit them soon and that is what I love so much about wool: it is long wearing and makes for great hand-me-downs.

Footless wool cotton tights for children 3-6 yearsNow footless wool and cotton tights are a must in the winter. How many girls love to wear their summer dresses throughout the winter? I know a few. At least with these you can know your little one can still do this and stay warm and cosy. Having a pair of these up your sleeve can really help those winter fashion vs. warmth battles! 

Check out the Hirsch Natur collection here

Let us know what you think and if there are any other products you are searching for. 

1 Response

Sonja Main
Sonja Main

June 12, 2015

I have noticed that Hirsch Natur make tights and footless tights for children over 6 years. Are you able to order these in? I am looking for woollen tights or leggings for my 6 year old who is quite tall and wears size 8. Thanks for your help. Regards,

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