Knitted Merino Rib Leggings/Pants (0-10y+)


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Size Guide

*Family favourite! Revelation:: 9-10y size fits Women size 8-12 (three quarter length). So warm & comfy!*

My kids live in the these woollen pants Autumn, Winter and Spring. They are so practical and comfortable, the organic merino wool is soft and flexible allowing really good movement and they rarely need a wash unlike most non-wool trousers my children wear. They have a gentle elasticated band that is easy for the child to pull up and down themselves making it easy for them to go to the toilet/potty themselves, encouraging independence. 

The cuffs can be folded up easily if they seem too long at first but we found they soon shaped themselves to the child. They also become incredibly soft. We recommend you size down if you want tighter legging-type pants.

100% organic merino wool knitted rib
GOTS certified
Made in Germany by Disana

Sizes (generous and long): (*our recommended size in brackets)

  • 0-3 months 50-56cm
  • 3-6 months 62-68cm (*more like 3-9m)
  • 6-12 months 74-80cm (*9-18m)
  • 12-24m 86-92cm (*18m-3y)
  • 2-3 years 98-104cm (*3&4yrs)
  • 4-5 years 110-116cm (*5&6yrs)
  • 6-8 years 122-128cm (*7&8yrs)
  • 9-10 years 134-140cm (*9-11yrs+ fits Women 8-12 too 3/4 length!)

If in doubt, go by the height of your child. The European sizes e.g. 62/68 refer to the height range in cms of the child, i.e. 62-68cm. 

Colours: grey, graphite, lagoon, blue, navy, rose, bordeaux, curry, gold, pacific teal, olive green

Care: A simple airing does wonders with wool. When washing is required gently handwash with Disana's wool shampoo or use our No-rinse soak handwashing liquids. Reshape while wet by pulling them lengthways and dry flat or hang. A lanolin conditioning treatment once a month will protect your woollens against pilling and enhance the self-cleaning and water-repellant qualities of the garment.

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