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Pure Pure

Linen Sun Hat with Neck Protection (9m-7y)

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Storm Blue
Mint Dots
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Light Linen Hat with wide neck protection for coverage of the neck and shoulders similar to the Pickapooh "Firefighter" style hats. Made from pure linen which has a pleasant cooling effect in hot weather. Features linen ties to keep it in on. Brim has a double layer for extra shade protection and neck flap is single layer for protection without being too hot.

Naturally UV rated due to the colour and weave of the fabric, Pure Pure hats are not treated with any chemical treatment to gain their high UV rating.

Sizes - Children's heads vary in size dramatically. For best fit, always measure the head circumference around where the hat will sit. Age range is provided as a rough guide only:

(head circ. in cms - age approx):  45cm (9-12m), 47cm (12-18m), 49cm (1-2y), 51cm (18m-3y), 53cm (4-5y), 55cm (5-7y)

Colours: Terracotta (UV40+), Natural Stone (UV 25-39), Mint Dots (UV 25-39), Storm Blue (UV40+)  

Brand Pure Pure 
Designed in: Germany
Country of manufacture Lithuania/Poland
Certifications: UVtested according to regulation (EU) 2016/425 and Australian-New Zealand sun production standard AS/NZS 4399
Fabric structure 100% Linen
100% Biodegradable: Yes
Machine Washable: Yes

Care:Pure Pure sun hats can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Reshape when wet and line dry. Do not tumble dry. Best to rinse in fresh water after going to the beach to remove salt.

  • Dermatologists recommend covering up as second most important protective measure after staying out of the sun.

  • To be protective, clothing needs to cover as much skin as possible and should fit loosely.
  • A long-sleeved shirt and a wide-brimmed hat are far better than a T-shirt with a baseball cap
  • Stretched, old and/or wet fabrics may reduce the protective effect of fabrics dramatically.
  • Look for certified UV protective textiles, without chemical UV treatments

UV Protection - Pure Pure hats have been tested according to Australian-New Zealand sun production standards and all their hats have good to very good UV protection. And that is without any chemical post-treatment as per many other UV rated hats. The dense weaves and strong colours protect naturally. 

Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Colour UPF UV  absorption

Time in the sun

15–24 light colours: white, rose, light blue 93% = good protection

3 - 4 hours

25–39 medium colours: mint, berry, mango, red 96% = very good protection 4 - 7 hours 
40+ intense colours: jeans, caramel, navy, terracotta 97% = excellent protection 7 hours+

Pure Pure is a third generation run German brand making hats since 1947. Since 2013 Pure Pure have been the first hat manufacturer with GOTS certification and pride themselves with meeting the strict Social and Environmental standards from the production of their raw materials to maintaining fair conditions throughout the supply chain.