Lanolin Conditioner


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Lanolin is the natural wax in sheep’s wool. The wax envelops the fibres, protecting them from harsh environments. The woollen products in the Disana line contain plenty of natural lanolin, which protects and cares for the wool fibres. 

However with washing the lanolin content is reduced. Lanolin is especially important in woollen pants over a nappy. Other woollen products, too, lose the natural wax in the wool from washing or drying, which is why the wool fibres need to be replenished with lanolin every now and then.

The best way to do so is with a Lanolin treatment. It is made up of liquid lanolin and dissolves easily in lukewarm water. After washing, the woollen product is placed in a bowl with the lanolin treatment. The wool fibres absorb the lanolin again and the woollen product is protected against dirt and becomes more water repellent.

Protect all your winter woollies against stains and keep them water resistant by lanolising them after washing. Extends the life of your woollens.

200ml bottle 
Lanolin from Organically raised sheep, guaranteed free of pesticides.

Ingredients: Natural Wax, emulsifier, fatty alcohols, citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate. Independent testing has found it to be non irritating and suitable for sensitive skins.

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