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  • Fleece Insoles - Organically Tanned Lambskin (Kids 24-35)

    Natural Mimosa
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    *Perfect inside winter shoes and gumboots to add warmth and wick moisture away so your child's foot doesn't feel cold and damp.

    Beautiful soft lambskin fleece insoles to keep little feet snuggly and warm. Kaiser baby lambskins are chromium-free and organically tanned with natural herbal extracts from the Mimosa tree. 

    These are beautiful non-toxic insoles for your little ones precious feet. Put them inside gumboots or other footwear to ensure the most natural, healthful and warm material comes in contact with the soles of your children's feet. 

    Colours: Natural Mimosa - undyed

    Brand: Kaiser Baby
    Designed in: Germany
    Country of manufacture: Germany
    CertificationsInternational certification Confidence in Textiles - Oko-Tex standard 100 Class 1 tested. 
    Fabric structure: Organically tanned pure lambskin, chromium-free lambskin
    Dyes: None
    100% Biodegradable: Yes
    Machine Washable: Not washable

    Care: to replenish - hang on a line to air outdoors. Use a wire dog brush to comb the soles to dislodge any dirt. If they get wet and muddy and quickly rinse and hang to dry and brush out dirt when dry. 

    EU size  AU size Age guide Foot in cms
    24 7
    20m +
    14.8 cm
    25 8
    2-3 yrs
    15.5 cm
    26 9 2-3 yrs
    16.2 cm
    27 9.5
    3-4 yrs
    16.8 cm
    28 10 3-4 yrs
    29 11 4-6 yrs
    18.3 cm
    30 11.5 4-6 yrs
    18.9 cm
    31 12 8-10 yrs 19.5 cm
    8-10 yrs
    20.2 cm
    33 1 10 yrs+ 20.9cm
    34 2 10 yrs + 21.5 cm
    35 3 10 yrs + 22.2 cm