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  • Loved clothes last. We want to help you get the best from your Woollykins for years to come.

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  • We love Disana's cloth nappy system. 100% organic and plastic-free for natural, toxic-free nappying. We used the Disana system for all three of our babies.

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  • Child's Organic Boiled Wool Mittens (4y - Big Kids)

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    Pickapooh's boiled wool mittens are a must whenever you enjoy a walk in the winter air or a frosty morning on the way to kinder or school. The unique features of natural wool mean your child’s hands stay warm and dry even in the snow. Mittens are warmer than gloves in the snow or frosty outdoors. With elastic at the cuff to keep out the cold. Connected with a soft string so they both stay together and you can put them through the sleeves of your child's coat so that they can take them on and off without losing them.

    Colours: Graphite, Hazelnut, Jade

    Sizes:4 (4-6y), 6y (6y-big kids)

    Brand: Pickapooh
    Designed in: Germany
    Country of manufacture: Germany
    Certifications: Certified organic wool (kbA) and certified organic cotton (kbT).
    Fabric structure: 100% organic virgin boiled wool outer, 100% organic cotton lining. 
    100% Biodegradable: Yes 
    Machine Washable: No (see our guide to washing wool)

    Care: Air to clean/freshen up or hang in a steamy shower. Wash merino wool garments only when necessary. We recommend a handwash in lukewarm water with SOAK Wash or any of our other gentle wool shampoos - see Wool Care. Press moisture in a towel, reshape and dry flat.