Boiled Wool Disana Patch Kit


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This kit features one 20x20cm square of boiled wool fabric and 5 metres of matching wool yarn and designed for patching knees or elbows on the Disana Boiled Wool clothing line. 

Match or contrast with your existing garment. You may choose to pre-patch the knees of garments when new or patch as required. 

Made from Disana's 100% organically certified merino wool. 

Contents: 1 x boiled wool patch and 5m of darning yarn to match.

100% organic wool, GOTS certified, plastic free kit packaging.

How to use: 

  1. Create a paper template of the patch required
  2. Cut two patches
  3. Pin to the garment 
  4. Blanket stitch or whip stitch around the patch to secure or secure with running stitches over the entire patch, Sashiko style, to reinforce the area even more. 

Other uses for the kit include adding embellishments to the fabric to customise, label siblings garments, adding elbow patches to knitted jumpers, adding colour to uninspiring op-shopped knits... 

Select Colour: Grey, Graphite, Blue, Navy, Lagoon, Curry, Gold, Bordeaux, Rose

Colours available are from the Disana Winter 2019/20 collection. 

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