Pure Linen Socks (Adults)

Fog Linen Work

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Pure luxe knitted linen socks. Experience the cool comfort of Linen Socks for Spring/Summer. Comfy and durable in natural colour tones. 

One Size: 22-24cm 37-39 Womens

8" x 9"-10" women's
(height x foot)

Colours: Red (new!), natural linen

Composition: 95% linen 3% nylon, 2% polyurethane

Care: cool machine wash gentle, reshape and line-dry. Linen socks will drop and loosen beautifully with wear and when washed will retain their shape again. This is the nature of Linen which has less elasticity than cotton or wool but is more durable and should last for years. 

Made in Lithuania by Fog Linen Work Japan

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