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     *Your Wonderpants are made to order. Order lead time is 3-4 days*

    Welcome to the most comfortable undies ever. Handmade locally by Wonderpants, our lovely neighbour :)

    As one of the lucky road testers of the new Wonderpants merino undies I can fully vouch for the superior comfort of Wonderpants merino underwear! 

    Merino wool makes so much sense next to our skin. Especially when it comes to socks and jocks. The wonderful properties of merino wool with its amazing breathability, moisture wicking, odour neutralising softness really comes into its own with undies.

    The Wonderpants Merinos have a high top and are elastic free for comfort (there is 6% elastane in the fabric instead and we can testify they are not the type that fall down! Totally in love with these pants. 

    Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16-18. High waist, relaxed fit. If you want a more firm fit size down. See the size chart pictured if still in doubt. **See More on Sizing below

    Colours: Navy, Cream (Black no longer available sorry)

    Fabric: 94% NZ and Australian merino wool, 6% elastane. Elastic Free. 

    Care: Wool machine/delicate wash cold-30 degrees. Drying time: super fast!

    Made in Castlemaine by Wonderpants.

    More on sizing: 

    Wonderpants are a generous fit - or we like to think, a ‘real’ fit.

    It’s possible you may go down a size compared to what you normally wear.  Use the Size Chart measurements pictured as a guide.

    If you fall between two sizes, or are unsure, think about how you like your underwear to feel and fit. If you prefer a firmer fit, go for the smaller size. If you prefer a more comfy fit, go for the larger size.

    Wonderpants merinos have a high top. The High-top cut provides a roomier fit. With this in mind, I would recommend you choose the smaller size if you like a firm fit.

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