Linen Shirt Dresses (5-10 yrs)

Once Upon A Time

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Upcycled linen and cotton shirt dresses that button at the back. Features raw hems and puff pockets and little cap sleeves and other ingenious uses of all the parts of the shirt. Each piece is one of a kind. 

Once upon a time . . .

There was a shirt that lived a long and happy life. But its owner tired of it and the shirt found itself at the place where all clothes go after being loved. The shirt had loved being a shirt; being kept neat and going to meetings, but it had always treasured watching the little people of the land run and jump and play. It longed to be with the little people, to discover the world in a new and exciting way. The shirt imagined really hard what it would be like to be a friend to the little people, and then one day, the tired shirt found itself quite changed. Gone were its long sleeves and prim appearance, and in its place were frayed edges and gathers and pockets of fun. All the other shirts at the place where clothes go after being loved thought this was a great idea and they too imagined as hard as they could, for they also wanted to be friends with the little people. And to this very day, shirts are no longer ordinary, for they have befriended the little people and are happily running and skipping and discovering.

* This garment is made from a pre-loved shirt. As a result some natural wear may be evident

Two sizes: 5-7 yrs (stripe, gold yellow), 8-10 years (lemon yellow)

Colours: Mustard Yellow Linen 5-7yrs, Pin stripe Cotton 5-7yrs, Taupe Linen 7-9yrs (sold out), Lemon Yellow Linen 8-10yrs

Made by Once Upon A Time in Central Victoria.

Care: 30 degree machine wash delicate. Line dry.

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