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  • Loved clothes last. We want to help you get the best from your Woollykins for years to come.

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  • We love Disana's cloth nappy system. 100% organic and plastic-free for natural, toxic-free nappying. We used the Disana system for all three of our babies.

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  • Roll-up Picnic Blanket - 100% Recycled Wool - PRE-LOVED

    This recycled wool picnic rug by Tweemill has been reconditioned by Woollykins, bringing it back to life, ready for you. The rug is in excellent/new condition, just without its handle strap.  

    This picnic rug is part of our new Circular clothing initiative *reNEWool* that finds a new home for preloved, seconds Woollykins clothing, keeping textiles out of landfill and promotes the benefits of mending. Loved clothes last! 50% of all profits from initiative will be donated to our favourite Environmental charities. Find out more here

    This wonderful picnic rug is a most useful and lovely essential for all outdoor occasions. Featuring a 100% recycled wool upper with waterproof backing, this outdoor blanket is most convenient for all sorts of weather. Perfect for parties, picnics and camping, it will be loved by all the family!

    Unlike most recycled wool on the market today, Tweedmill recycled wool is traditionally spun in the world's original textile recycling region of Yorkshire and is free from added "mixed fibres" which are usually a blend of synthetics. 

    Size: 145x145cm 

    Colour: Turquoise Plaid

    Condition: Pre-loved. The strap handle has been removed, otherwise the rug is in excellent condition. Please see pictures for details.

    Brand: Tweedmill
    Designed in: Wales
    Origin of fibre: Recycled New Zealand wool
    Country of manufacture: Wales
    Fabric structure: 100% recycled wool with waterproof backing
    100% Biodegradable: Yes (remove backing and straps)
    Machine Washable: Yes - cold wash only (see our guide to washing wool)

    Care: Handwash recommended - lukewarm water with wool shampoo. Airing does wool wonders, gentle handwash when required in tepid water, press moisture out in a towel, reshape and dry flat. See our Wool Care section for wool stain removers and no-rinse eco wool wash Eucalan

    Note on using machine wash: Wool washing programmes of washing machines vary massively, therefore we can not grant warranty for any damages. If you do choose to use your wool washing machine cycle always use cold. If you choose to wash at 30 degrees the machine will still rinse with cold water and this shock to the fibres can cause the wool to shrink.