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Plant Dyed Organic Wool/Hemp Socks (36-43)

Size Guide
1: Blue / Indigo
2: Yellow / Goldfields
3: Green / Verdigris
4: Pink / Salmon
5: Purple / Elderberry
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*New edition of the plant dyed socks in an all natural fibre blend of 60% wool, 20% hemp and 20% organic cotton.*

Limited edition medium weight organic merino wool and hemp knitted socks, naturally dyed with botanical plant extracts by UMIFORM in Castlemaine. The socks have a sturdy hemp/cotton thread knitted in to add extra durability against wear while still avoiding synthetics. 

Natural dyes used in this series include gardenia, cherry ballart, elderberry extract, white mulberry and madder root.

60% pure wool, 20 % organic cotton, 20% hemp
Hand-dyed using natural plant dyes in Castlemaine by UMIFORM, socks knitted in Italy.

Colours: 1Indigo, 2 Goldfields, 3 Verdigris, 4 Salmon, 5 Elderberry,

Botanical Extracts: 1 Gardenia, 2 Turmeric & Cherry Ballart, 3 White Mulberry, 4 Madder, 5 Elderberry

Sizes: 36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 42/43

Care: Air to clean, wash seldom, handwash with wool wash only, darn for lifelong love. Make them last by airing between use, reducing friction with the correct fit and alternating use. Always dry plant dyed garments out of direct sunlight.