Plant Dyed 100% Organic Wool Socks (Adults 35-44)


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Beautiful limited edition medium weight knitted 100% organic wool socks from Finland, naturally dyed with botanical dyes by UMIFORM exclusively for Woollykins. Natural dyes used in this series include madder, indigo, fustic, logwood and walnut.

100% organic merino wool
GOTS certified organic merino wool
Hand-dyed in Castlemaine by UMIFORM

Each pair is unique in three two-tone shades: 

Colours (left to right):
Madder-Plum / Apricot-Madder / Rose-Madder
Logwood-Walnut / Indigo-Grey /  Indigo-Copper

Sizes: XS-S (35-37), S-M (37-39), M-L (39-41), L-XL (42-44)

Care: Handwash only with cold water with gentle wool shampoo. Dry in shade.

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