Merino Wool Pants with Kneepads (in 3 colours!) 3-4yrs only


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100% organic merino wool pants with reinforced knees and bottoms and adjustable waistband by Ruskovilla Finland

Made from 100% organic merino wool, double layered at the knee and bottom for extra warmth, comfort and durability.

Great on their own in the winter or under pants/skirts/dresses as an extra thermal layer and perfect for the snow. 

Color: Khaki, Red, Navy

Sizes (fitted but stretchy): 90cm (2-3 yrs), 100cm (3-4yrs), 110cm (4-5yrs)

Made in Finland by Ruskovilla

Care: Air frequently - wash seldom - protect against moths

Wool is self-cleaning: it reacts with oxygen in the air and neutralizes sweat. Frequent airing reduces the need to wash your garment. Wash wool preferably by hand in lukewarm water. Use Disana's organic wool shampoo or Eucalan for wool and silk. You can also wash your wool garment with a hand-wash program at max 30 °C in a washing machine. Stains disappear with Sonett gall soap. Shape the garment whilst damp. The garment shrinks a little in the first wash. Protect wool against moths and beetles. When not in daily use, store it in a sealed plastic bag. Keep the product bag for storage.

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