Merino Baby Hat (6-9m only) in Natural *Last Ones


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Beautifully soft and finely knit baby hat with ties by Danish company FUB. Unbelievably soft and lightweight, your baby will hardly know it is there. This merino wool hat feels like silk it's so soft.

100% OEKO-TEX® certified non-mulesed merino wool. 

The importance of a bonnet: A newborn babies head is relatively large compared with the rest of its body which means that the heat loss through the head is significant. A bonnet helps to keep baby's temperature stable. It also protects the baby from the surrounding noise of the environment. A fitted bonnet also massages the baby's head in a soothing way similar to the effect of the womb during pregnancy. Ruskovilla Finland

Made by FUB

Sizes: 62/68 (3-6m), 68/74 (6-9m), 74/80 (9-12m), 80/86 (12-24m)

Care: handwash

FUB choose only 100% OEKO-TEX® certified non-mulesed merino wool. By farming sheep the land can naturally regenerate and sustain itself and the sheep are managed without being fed modified feeds. In the production process the wool is not dipped in harmful chemicals, which mean that humans, animals, the land and water supplies are not contaminated. FUB has chosen the best and softest wool that has many characteristics. It keeps the child warm and at the same time it draws sweat away from the skin and retains the moisture and the clothing still feels dry to the touch. FUB's wool can therefore be recommended all year round. 

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