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Great Sun hat for children from 6m to big kids. Wide brim around the front and extra wide at the back with a knitted organic cotton band to keep the hat on and sitting comfortably. Pickapooh hats offer excellent sun protection in 100% organic cotton. Naturally UV rated due to the colour and weave of the fabric, Pickapooh hats are not treated with any chemical treatment to gain their high UV rating and are tested according to the UV standard 801. Read more about UV Protection in the tab.

Sizes (head circ. in cms):  48 (6-18m), 52 (1-4y), 56 (5y-big kids - no chinstraps)

Colours: Violet, Denim, Turquoise

100% Organic Cotton
Made in Germany by Pickapooh

Care: Pickapooh hats can be machine washed at 30 degrees. Reshape and line dry. Do not tumble dry. Best to rinse in fresh water after going to the beach to remove salt marks.

Dermatologists recommend covering up as second most important protective measure after staying out of the sun.

To be protective, clothing needs to cover as much skin as possible and should fit loosely. A long-sleeved shirt and a wide-brimmed hat are far better than a T-shirt with a baseball cap. Stretched and/or wet fabrics may reduce the protective effect of fabrics dramatically. Look for certified UV protective textiles - certified according to UV standard 801 - as these fabrics add extra protection.

Like in sunscreen the protective effect of clothing is known as the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). The UPF indicates how long - according to one‘s skin type - a person may stay out in full midday sun. See the recommended “Safe Times” table in the images.

Ideally dermatologists recommend a minimum UPF of 30, but with a tan or a darker skin and staying out not too long, 20 will be fine as well.

Textiles tested according to the Australian standard have only been checked new and dry. Materials reaching an UPF of 40 according to this standard often only make for an UPF of 5 when re-tested according to UV standard 801, the strictest standard currently available.

Only the UV standard 801 tests fabrics under real-life conditions: wet, stretched and after multiple care cycles.

The lowest UPF measured is indicated on the “UV protect” label and guarantees this protection level under any conditions.

Since 1991 PICKAPOOH has specialised on the design and hand-production of ecologically sound and high-quality hats and accessories that kids love to wear.

Pickapooh uses only uses organic materials. They live up to strict ecological criteria and social responsibility to the benefit of people, animals, plants and the environment.

They only use organic cotton (kontrolliert biologischer Anbau (kbA)). Organic cotton farming does not use any chemically synthesised fertilisers and pesticides and genetically modified seeds are forbidden. They support fair trade and do business respecting human dignity.

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