Baby Blanket in Organic Merino Wool Fleece


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This must be the softest squishiest blanket on the planet. I remember when I first came across Engel's merino fleece fabric. I bought this very blanket for my first baby and we just loved it, it went everywhere with us. It's the loveliest thing to welcome a new baby into this world, I can't imagine anything more precious than a new baby and this blanket together! The fleece is really light weight and yet it's thick and spongy, it traps the air making it cosy and warm.  (Photo shows my 2nd bub sleeping on the Engel fleece blanket we bought for my first son in 2008. Still looking beautiful and feeling gorgeous after so much use.)

100% organic merino wool fleece
IVN Best certified
Made in Germany by Engel

Size: 80x100cm

Colour: Natural (also available in Grey)

Care: handwash in wool shampoo, press moisture out in a towel and dry flat.

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