Adults Unisex Trekkies Socks 100% organic wool (36-37 only)

Hirsch Natur

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These are Hirsch Natur's classic Trekking mid-length sock. They are made from 100% organic wool with reinforced terry soles. 

The idea was to put an extra terry reinforcement to the most stressed parts of a sock: Heel, base and Toe. This reinforcement is knitted in fine untreated Merino wool. Through wear and washing this Merino wool is transformed into a very strong felt which possesses a high resistance to abrasion because the individual fibres are firmly interlocked with each other. As all the zones which are exposed to heavy wear are provided with such felting, so these socks have a longer life.

Socks made of cotton or synthetic fibres must be washed after each use, so they do not smell unpleasant but these merino socks do not. The reason: Sportswear made of Merino wool, the only fibre Nature has created for clothing, in contact with sweat changes the pH-value, hampering the development of bacteria and fungi. This breathable environment causes the skin to tighten, avoiding blisters even on long hikes. After intensive sporting or a long hiking day, it is enough to simply air the socks for a couple of days before you use them again. It is sufficient to wash socks worn/aired like this up to only once a month!

Care: Handwash or gentle cold wool machine cycle. All walking and protection areas are reinforced with terry Merino wool. In use, this wool is transformed into a very strong and abrasion resistant felt, protecting and insulating perfectly. Wool feels comfortable and dry, even when you sweat. It can absorb a lot of moisture (up to 33% of its dry weight).

Hirsch Natur's Merinos are from certified organic farming in Patagonia. The yarn is spun in Europe. Dyeing, knitting and manufacturing is done in Germany by Hirsch Natur est. 1923.

100% organic merino wool with felted reinforced soles

Colours: Grass Green, Auburn Brown (36/37 and 38/39 only) 

Sizes: 36/37, 38/39, 40/41, 42/43

Care: Alternate with a second pair, air between uses. Used like this pure wool socks do not require washing often. Only wash when required - when doing so handwash in tepid water with a gentle wool shampoo. 


European Size Australian shoe size Foot (cms)
36/37 5-6.5 (Womens shoe size) 24
38/39 7-8.5 (Womens) 25.5
40/41 9-10 (Womens) 6.5-7.5 (Mens) 27.5
42/43 11+ (Womens) 8-9 (Mens shoe size) 29
44/46 10-12 Mens 31


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