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  • Enkhe's Hand Spun Legwarmers 100% Mongolian Sheep Wool

    1 Brown/Ecru
    2 Ecru/Grey-Brown Stripe
    5 Camel/Ecru
    6 Ecru/Brown Stripe
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    Chunky super warm and soft hand-spun and hand-knitted legwarmers in 100% undyed wool from sheep raised by nomadic herders in Mongolia.

    These limited-edition, truly special pieces are hand-knitted in Mongolia by Enkhe. Enkhe spins and knits these gorgeous socks by hand in her home, using sheep wool from animals raised by nomadic herders in Mongolia. 

    Although the wool used cannot be officially certified, the animals that produce it are raised in a manner that is both organic and sustainable. There are no fences in Mongolia, and animals live relatively cruelty-free. They have free range in the wilderness all their lives unless there is a snowstorm and they huddle in around the pen. 

    This wool is not mass-produced. The sheep aren't raised for their wool, so wool production is marginal, and the amount available is dependent on variable conditions. Nomadic people often hand shear the animals rather than use mechanised shearing tools so they can leave some wool on the sheep to keep the animal safe from cold snaps in spring. 

    These wool is luxuriously soft and warm and seen here in its natural shades undyed and unbleached.

    Colours1: Brown/Ecru, 2 Ecru/Grey-Brown Stripe, 3 Grey/Ecru, 4 Ecru/Brown-Grey, 5 Camel/Ecru, 6 Ecru/Brown Stripe, 7 Grey Texture Knit, 8 Ecru Texture Knit, 9 Grey/Ecru

    Sizes: One Size (approx length 23cm)

    Brand: Enkhe’s Socks
    Designed in: Mongolia
    Origin of fibre: Mongolia
    Country of manufacture: Hand spun and knitted in Mongolia
    Certifications: No official certifications - please see above for more details
    Fabric structure: 100% pure undyed unprocessed wool
    Dyes: None
    100% Biodegradable: Yes
    Machine Washable: No

    Care: Air between uses, only wash when required, gentle handwash with wool wash only