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    Boiled wool slippers with a velcro strap for a secure fit, and a flexible and durable rubber sole. Designed for indoors but in our experience these make great first shoes for little ones with a barefoot-like feel and very supple contoured fit. The dirt just falls off and the boiled wool holds up surprisingly well and can easily be mended if need be. 

    Haflinger kid's slippers are the best indoor footwear around! They are so well made, sturdy, warm and soft on the heel. They will keep your children's feet toasty and warm these winter days and nights. Great for inside wear at kinder/school too. Wool is naturally breathable, antibacterial and dirt repellant. 

    Size: 23-35
    Colours: Burgundy (other colours listed separately)

    Brand: Haflinger, Established 1898
    Designed in: Germany
    Origin of fibre: Mixed sources - South America & Europe
    Country of manufacture: Poland
    Certifications: Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified, GOTS certified
    Fabric structure: 100% Boiled wool, Rubber Sole, Velcro Strap
    Other: Shipped to AUS by sea Carbon Neutral

    Care: Wool upper can be handwashed in lukewarm water with Wool Shampoo

    Size advice: You can usually easily size up with these, the straps will keep them on even if a little big at first. The boiled wool has some stretch and give but will not stretch out. Good for kids with high feet.

    EU size  AU size Age guide Foot in cms
    23 6
    20m +
    14.1 cm
    24 7
    20m +
    14.8 cm
    25 8
    2-3 yrs
    15.5 cm
    26 9 2-3 yrs
    16.2 cm
    27 9.5
    3-4 yrs
    16.8 cm
    28 10 3-4 yrs
    29 11 4-6 yrs
    18.3 cm
    30 11.5 4-6 yrs
    18.9 cm
    31 12 8-10 yrs 19.5 cm
    8-10 yrs
    20.2 cm
    33 1 10 yrs+

    20.9 cm

    34 2 10 yrs + 21.5 cm
    35 3 10 yrs + 22.2 cm

    *Age range is a guide only, best to check shoe size or measure foot for best fit.
    **Please measure feet at the end of the day. Through exercise and heat, feet swell most during the day. Place foot on a flat surface, leaning your heel against a wall. Next to your foot, place a ruler so that the ruler touches the wall as well. Measure length of your foot to the tip of your toe. Look for closest shoe size on the Haflinger size chart. If the foot is between two sizes, we recommend the larger size.

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