Wool Shampoo Laundry Liquid


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Natural wool should be treated with an equally natural, mild wool shampoo. The structure of wool fibres makes it especially sensitive to heat, friction and strong chemicals, so care needs to be taken when washing woollen products. 

Disana wool shampoo is particularly mild and perfect for all natural wools. Its ph value is adjusted to wool, which is slightly acidic, preventing the wool from matting when washed. As it is a concentrate, it is very economical and is suitable for hand or machine washing.

When washing wool, never shock the fibres with water temperature changes, too much agitation or friction or too hot water. Never wring wool - gently squeeze to remove excess moisture, lay flat in a towel and fold up the towel and press the moisture out then reshape garment and lay flat to dry. 

200 ml bottle, approximately 40 washes
Made in Germany by Disana 

Ingredients: Cocamidopropyl Betaine, panama bark extract, sodium lauroyl glutamate, citric acid, aqua - no perfumes - skin friendly.


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