Wonderful Wonderpants are made right next door to Woollykins. That's right! We love them so much we are ecstatic to introduce them to Woollykins customers. Especially the Wonderpants Merinos. It's like wearing nothing at all. 

"We began making Wonderpants for the simplest of reasons. We couldn’t find locally made, ethical underwear that fitted well, looked good, and was truly comfortable.

We wanted to be able to provide this kind of underwear, for ourselves, for every body. For when we are comfortable in our skin (and our second skin), we can move through our days feeling confident - feeling free.

After inheriting an initial pattern from a friend some years ago, we started experimenting and making. Through this time of experimentation, Wonderpants came into being. 

It was really important to us to find the right fabric for Wonderpants. We wanted to find a fabric that was produced ethically in Australia to contribute to an ever developing ecologically integral textile industry.   We found this in the high quality fabric from OCC Apparel - Organic fabric knitted in Australia from organically grown (GOTS) certified cotton, from certified and fair-trade farms in India.  We worked with OCC Apparel to create our range of fabulous colours we present to you now.

We work hard at WPHQ, to bring you a fine, top notch range. We also have a lot of fun with Wonderpants.  Over the years we have been collecting stories, laughing with each other, and you, over the delights and pitfalls of the right and the wrong pair of undies, and how it impacts your day, your life.  We hope to contribute to the lighter side of your life - and to a comfortable day, where actually, you don't think about your underwear at all.

Once you start the Wonderpant journey, there’s no looking back!

Upon receiving your first pair, time seems to drag while you wait for your newly found best friend to return to you from the wash.  You’ll soon want to have a drawer full, so you never, ever, have to wait for your Wonderpants to dry again.

Wonderpants have been holding their own (and you), since around 2010, and are now being enjoyed and relied upon by many throughout Australia, and around the world."

Woollykins Brand Size Chart
Woollykins Size Chart