Petit Nord Copenhagen Shoes

Petit Nord specialises in making low-impact ecologically sustainable leather shoes which are not only comfortable but sustainable and ethically made. Tradition and craftsmanship matter to Petit Nord and they have made the conscious decision to produce and source all materials and labour within Europe and support small family-run workshops, where craftsmanship, tradition and passion for the trade is embedded deeply in the family’s roots. Petit Nord’s shoes are hand-made in a a few small family-run workshops in Portugal where the tradition for shoe making runs deep. Whilst 90% of the shoe making industry uses harmful Chrome tanning processes, Petit Nord have chosen the path of ecological vegetable tanning. This is a traditional tanning method that has a much less negative impact on the environment and our children’s health. Whilst the vegetable tanning process is much slower, more complex, more costly and demands in-depth expertise from specialist tanneries; their leather is made without the use of chromium salts which is detrimental to the environment and particularly damaging to human health.

Petit Nord soles are made from Recycled Thermoplastic Rubber (TR). The soles are remoulded from waste TR from the fashion industry. Petit Nord have found that the properties of TR soles, in terms of flexibility, support and heat control are great perform better than natural rubber. The choice to use Recycled TR was a conscious one as the surging demand for natural rubber is causing massive deforestation as rainforests are cleared to make way for rubber plantations. Using waste generated from the fashion industry to create a flexible high performing and durable sole is a more sustainable option. 

Petit Nord strives to promote a safe and healthy life for children from the earliest stage whilst humbly trying to make our planet a cleaner place to live. Woollykins are proud to introduce Petit Nord and we present our favourite practical and durable styles for babies, children and adults in leather than is 100% vegetable tanned, biodegradable, ecological and chrome-free.

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