Brushed Cotton Liners/Blanket Large 80x80cm


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This large super-soft brushed cotton blanket has so many uses, you'll be glad to have it on hand from birth to toddlerhood and beyond.  It can be used as a receiving blanket, flat nappy, super nappy liner, baby bath towel, swaddle, lovey, changing mat or as snug cover or sun shade when on the move. 

If you find the regular brushed cotton liners are not sufficient for night time use or your toddler is a heavy wetter then you can use these large brushed cotton liners to boost the tie-on nappies, fitted nappies or other nappy system. Alternatively this large brushed cotton cloths make great flat nappies - we use the Jo Fold, so easy with just a little snappy grip to fasten and a wool cover over the top. These fit best as liners when baby is over 6 months. On very little ones they can be too bulky at first.

Brushed cotton is not only incredibly soft and velvety but the brushed effect multiplies the fibre's surface area, meaning it can absorb twice as much moisture and also makes it feel dry when wet by wicking the moisture away from the skin.

Brushed cotton, like wool, isn't cold to touch and so it's a great cloth to put a sleeping baby down on so as not to wake them with a temperature shift. Did I mention how soft these are? 

100% brushed organic cotton (GOTS certified)
Made in Germany by Disana

Machine wash up to 60 degrees (pre-wash 3 times if using as a nappy pad to obtain proper absorbency) 

Size 80x80 cm

Sold Individually

*For use as a nappy pad: fold each corner into centre to make a smaller square, then fold in thirds to make an extremely absorbent pad for over night use and heavy wetters* 

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